Combo Tower

  • For outdoor use: made of stainless steel or Galvanized steel with powder coating. On all models the top is made of stainless steel.
  • Reduces smoke emission and danger of fire: Internal container equipped with an oxygen-suffocating-cover.
  • Waste and cigarette liners completely separated.
  • Easy maintenance: removable internal container. Stub out zone made of stainless steel is easy to wipe.
  • Includes a liner for waste (Combo only) and a separate liner for cigarette waste.
  • For mounting on solid ground with stainless steel anchors (included in the accessories).
  • Holes for cigarette waste are made to fit cigars and cigarettes only – preventing misuse as trash bin.
  • The inclined top prevents waste from being placed on the bin and keeps it free of snow.
  • Lockable
Outer Box
Item # Item Description PU H (cm) L (cm) W (cm) GW (kg)
00440 Combo Tower Black/Stainless 1 in 1 Box 103 26 20 13
02630 Combo Tower Dark Gray/Stainless 1 in 1 Box 103 26 20 13
00131 Combo Tower Stainless 1 in 1 Box 103 26 20 13